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Options to Consider for Your New Home

Jul 30, 2019 11:21:58 AM / by The Bryson Blogster

Congratulations! You’ve just signed a contract to build a new home. Now the fun begins — what extras are you going to add above and beyond your builder’s standard features? In this case, it definitely pays to think long term.

Following are suggestions that not only boast a good return on investment, they also can save you frustrations later on.

Let There Be Light

Put in as much lighting as possible, especially in kitchens and bathrooms — you won’t regret it. And even if you go with trendy fixtures now that are bound to be changed out in five years, you’ll at least have wiring in place for the next lighting craze. Rewiring your home later? Not so much fun and much more expensive.

Windows — Go for the Gold Standard

Something else that isn’t so much fun (and cheap) to switch out later on? Windows. Go for the best available. It might be more expensive up front, but high-performance windows that are properly installed can cut energy loss to near zero. Available options include hurricane, burglar and blast-resistant windows. And yes, there are smart windows that have electrochromic coatings that can be adjusted from clear to opaque for increased privacy and better controlled solar heat transmission. Heard about double-paned windows? These days, manufacturers offer triple-paned. Make sure to explore the many available window options.

Energy Savers

Windows aren’t the only thing that can save you money. There is a wealth of energy savers that can be added to help cut continued energy costs. More than likely, your builder probably already offers a generous energy-efficiency package but ask what upgrades might be available for your heating and cooling system, water tanks and kitchen appliances. Another plus? Today’s homebuyers love the idea of an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient household. If you have to sell your dream home one day, having one that is more energy-efficient than the house down the block could be a deciding factor on which home sells first.

What Floor is More?

Your floor is your workhorse, so you want it as resilient as possible. The make up of your family should direct your decision. Have pets? You might want to consider wood-style tile over wood floors or choose carpet that is highly stain resistant. Stain-resistant carpeting is a good idea if there are little ones in the house, too. If you’re going with carpet, make sure to spend a few dollars on the carpet pad. Even a builder’s grade carpet will feel luxurious underfoot with a thick pad.

You Can’t Go Wrong in the Kitchen

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, so any money spent on upgrades will be well worth it — you’ll enjoy it now and it will boost your resale value. Consider upgrading your cabinets. If they don’t stretch to the ceiling, see if that is an option. You’ll appreciate the extra storage for seasonal dishes. You’ve heard of under-cabinet lighting… what about in-cabinet lighting? And soft-close drawer slides add custom home ambiance. Specialty cabinets for spices and cookies trays — you’ll love them, and so will the home chef who might buy your home next.

Haven’t signed that contract for a new home just yet? Top-tier builders — like those in Bryson — will have a generous package of standard features and many, many more options for you to consider. Visit any model home to talk to a sales professional about available upgrades and make the move to Bryson. Not only will you enjoy a fabulous new home, but you’ll also love exploring our amenities and meeting your new neighbors during one of our many resident events.



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The Bryson Blogster

Written by The Bryson Blogster

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