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Hosting The Ultimate Cookie Exchange

Dec 12, 2023 3:10:22 PM / by The Bryson Blogster

Hosting the ultimate cookie exchange is the perfect way to introduce friends and family to your new Bryson home this year. It’s also a fantastic way to cut down on the amount of holiday baking you have to do. Here’s a guide to hosting the ultimate cookie exchange.

Select a Time and Date

Selecting a time and date isn’t as easy as it sounds. The holidays are a busy time for everyone. Talk to potential participants ahead of time to see what works best for them.

Choose a Theme

A unique theme adds a fun and creative element to the event. Choose a festive ingredient everyone must incorporate or ask for holiday cookies with an international flare. Love chocolate? A “Chocolate Christmas” will warm most people’s hearts.

Decide On Quantity

Decide how many cookies each person should bring. You want enough cookies for people to enjoy at the exchange and to take home. A general rule of thumb is to ask everyone to bring a dozen cookies, but you can scale up or down depending on your needs.

Create Guidelines

It can be helpful to provide a few guidelines such as specifying all cookies must be homemade. If everyone has a crazy schedule, suggest that cookies can be purchased but specify no name brand or grocery store cookies. Always ask if there are any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Send Invitations

Design digital or physical invitations with details such as date, time, location and any specific instructions or themes. You can use online platforms like Evite or create custom invitations. Tell guests how many cookies to bring and if there is a theme. Remind them to take food allergies into account.

Share Recipes

While it’s traditional to share the recipe during the exchange, consider doing so ahead of time. This way, everyone knows what to expect and can avoid duplicating recipes. Ask participants to include a list of ingredients or note if their cookies contain common allergens. This helps attendees with dietary restrictions.

Set the Scene

Decorate your home with festive holiday decor. If you have a theme, try to incorporate it. Make sure you have enough space for all the trays of cookies. Bryson homes usually have beautiful kitchen islands that are perfect for showcasing everyone’s baked goods.

Provide Snacks and Beverages

Balance the sweet with the savory. Offer a spread of beverages and snacks for attendees to enjoy while socializing. Hot cocoa, coffee, eggnog and seasonal teas are great choices. For a more grown-up exchange provide hot toddies, hot buttered rum or other cocktails.

What About the Kids?

If children will be attending, set up some activities such as a station with plain sugar cookies they can decorate, holiday coloring pages or DIY ornaments.

Award Creativity

Consider having a small prize or recognition for the most creative or unique cookie, encouraging participants to bring their best creations.

Capture the Memories

Set up a photo booth with props for participants to capture memories from the event. Share the photos with attendees afterward.

Send Thank You Notes

After the event, send thank-you notes to participants. Express your gratitude for their attendance and contribution to making the cookie exchange a success.

Start a Tradition in a Bryson Home

Cookie exchanges are a great tradition. A tradition you can start when you make the move to Bryson. Visit us and our model homes today.

The Bryson Blogster

Written by The Bryson Blogster

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