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Creating A Home That Reflects Your Personality

Apr 18, 2023 1:17:10 PM / by The Bryson Blogster

During our Places & Spaces Home Tour this month, you’ll see beautiful model homes loaded with cohesive, wow-factor design.

But it’s likely that the model’s decor doesn’t say, “you” — after all, it was designed by another person. Instead of exactly copying the home decor you see in a model home, use the design elements as a starting point in creating your own space that perfectly reflects your personality. We have a few more ideas on how you can express yourself through home design:

What Are You Passionate About?

Love to read? Display volumes of books. Equestrians might have artwork of horses or western-themed furniture. Combine a love of cooking and antiquing with vintage small appliances. Do you bloom whenever someone talks gardening? Have freshly cut flowers in your home — maybe from your own backyard! Sports enthusiasts can have small memorabilia on display or go all out and have a room painted in _______ (insert your favorite team here) colors. Little or large, there are any number of ways to show your passions and hobbies.

Pick Colors That Make You Feel Happy

Yellow is often cited as the “happiest” color. But what if you’ve never been a fan? The psychological power of yellow isn’t going to boost your mood if you don’t like it. If blue is your fave, go for that instead! As seen in model homes, cohesive design is often achieved by picking one color or a combination of colors to be used in each room. Maybe one room will have that color — let’s say green — on pillows. Another may have the same shade of green on curtains. You’ll find artwork in another room and perhaps green tile as the kitchen backsplash. And what’s nice about choosing your favorite color as the room-by-room link, you’ll have that happy feeling no matter which room you’re in.

Make a Statement

It’s easy to display your taste through artwork. Have a bold personality? Adorn your walls with bold artwork. Prefer a more minimalistic look? Find unhurried artwork with clean lines and subtle colors. Go big with one piece or arrange several complementary pieces together on a statement wall. Many designers recommend creating a personalized statement area near your entrance that welcomes visitors.

A Bedroom Doesn’t Have to Be a Bedroom

It’s your home — make it work for you! Don’t need four bedrooms? Think about converting one or two into an exercise room (if breaking a sweat is your thing) or maybe a music room. Create a reading alcove. Design a room to be used as a creative space for your children with art supplies, chalkboard paint on the walls, tables for coloring, etc. Are you the artist? Pick the room with the best natural light for an art studio. Have a bedroom do double-duty by installing a Murphy bed that guests can use and then use it as your home office or hobby room when there are no guests.

Put Your Happy Memories on Display

People tell you to put away all of your family photos when you’re trying to sell your home, but except when you are actually selling your home, you’re living in it. Why not surround yourself with happy memories? Have photos of your family where you can see them. Display souvenirs from your travels. Perhaps frame playbills from your favorite theatrical performances. Proud of winning that pickleball tournament or baking contest? Place your ribbons and trophies where you can see them.

Your Home, Your Way

Home should be where you are most comfortable, where you feel safe and secure, where you can be you. Use these tips to make your house your home. Thinking about buying a new home? Share your passions, favorite colors and whatever else makes you happy with the builder’s interior design team — they’ll guide you on how to put your full personality on display in a tasteful manner.



The Bryson Blogster

Written by The Bryson Blogster

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