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Build a Grade A Homework Space

Aug 22, 2019 5:30:48 PM / by The Bryson Blogster

Back to school means a return to homework and one of the best things a parent can do to help get that nightly chore out of the way is to design a workspace just for their students. Bryson parents are lucky as many of our builders offer options for creating data stations and homework centers, but built-in desks are just the start. Here are some tips for creating a great space where kids will love to learn:

Set Aside Space

Not all kids learn the same way, so the space you set aside should take into account their learning style. Do they need noise? The game room or kitchen is great. Absolute silence? The bedroom or study. No matter where the space is make sure they have a comfortable chair and room to spread out their materials.

Jazz It Up

Bland and boring are a recipe for distraction. Consider your work space at the office. Is it boring? Help them create a cool space that is just for them. Let them add colorful posters and their favorite books. Add pillows and soft throws so they can take needed breaks without leaving their work stations.

Calendars Are Key

Adults have day planners; kids should have calendars. You can help them set one up on their computers. Many electronic assistants like Amazon Alexa have the ability to help you set up routines that remind you when you need to get stuff done. Or go old school and create a chart listing homework assignments and due dates for the week. Give kids colorful pens to cross off items upon completion!

Organize, Organize, Organize

Take your kids on a field trip to Staples or Office Depot and let them pick out desk supplies that will keep them organized. This is a particularly good idea for teens who have a lot of research papers to write. Office supply stores are great places to pick up in-and-out baskets, pen holders and cute staplers. Add in a bin or two where they can throw backpacks and books – that way they don’t lose them.

Show Their Work

All kids like to be reminded that they did a great job. Rather than putting that A+ math sheet on the refrigerator, create a wall of fame. Kids can post the papers, worksheets, drawings and pictures of science projects they are the proud of on a bulletin board. Knowing they did something well will help motivate them when the going gets tough.



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